Farmers Casserole

It’s always pleasant to start the day with a big breakfast, but not so much if you have to get out of bed early to prepare it. That’s why I adore breakfast bakes like this: you can make them ahead of time, grab the dish out of the fridge in the morning, pop it in the oven, and you’ll have a hot breakfast without having to get up early.

This bake is especially appealing because it includes so many morning staples, but because it only takes about five minutes to prepare, you can either make it ahead of time or put it together right before it goes into the oven. It’s cheesy, full, and delicious, and it’s also quite simple to prepare!

The bulk of this bake is made with frozen hashbrowns, which saves time while still providing a satisfying basis. That’s topped with chopped ham, enough of Monterey Jack, and some green onions to brighten things up. Eggs and evaporated milk combine to hold everything together.

…and they set into a soft, sliceable state. It’s a bake with so many breakfast favorites – delicate potatoes, fluffy eggs, flavorful ham, and melty cheese – yet it all comes together in one dish, making for a wonderfully quick (and delicious!) morning.

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