When a woman is disrespected by her husband, this is what happens.

Women are very sensitive, thus feeling mistreated by their husbands elicits a wide range of negative responses and emotions. A wife deserves respect from her spouse. When you disrespect your wife, she may experience the following consequences. 1. It leaves deep scars on her heart. When a woman’s husband disrespects her, it leaves a profound scar in her heart. It will undoubtedly harm her for a very long time.

2. It diminishes her value and prestige as a woman. Every woman wants to feel loved and cared for; when the guy loves and respects her, her self-esteem soars; but, when she is disrespected, her self-esteem decreases. 3. She does not feel loved. When her husband disrespects her, she feels unloved, especially if he does so regularly. When a man disrespects his wife regularly, it does not demonstrate love, and this is the message he sends.

4. The marriage would not be a happy one. As a male, disrespecting your wife is a quick way to ruin your marriage. You cannot be disrespectful to your wife while expecting her to be happy. 5. You set a bad example. When a guy disrespects his wife, he sets a negative example for his children. Children learn by their parents’ acts, and a child’s parents serve as their first role models in life. Consider the impact you have on that child as a rude husband.

6. You make it easy for her to disrespect you. Respect, they say, is reciprocal; it is given and received, and if it is not given, it is not received. When you don’t appreciate that woman, she has a difficult time respecting you.

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