Trisha Yearwood, 59, flaunts her new’skinny’ figure in tight jeans, sparking a stir with her ‘rapid weight loss’.

Trisha Yearwood recently lit up the stage in Las Vegas, sharing photos from her performance and behind-the-scenes happenings on social media. She took to Instagram to share personal moments from her gigs. However, followers spotted something weird about the photographs and shared their ideas.Trisha Yearwood, 59, who recently played in Las Vegas, turned to Instagram to share some highlights from her gigs.

Trisha Yearwood | Source: Getty Images

The post had one snapshot of her performing and two backstage views. The country music artist appeared to be in high spirits, radiating joy in all three photographs. However, her fans’ reactions were divided.

Trisha Yearwood as seen in an April 22 Instagram post | Source:

While Yearwood appeared happy with her appearance in tight jeans, not all of her fans’ remarks were complimentary, with several standing out. The variety of replies indicated a stir over her substantial weight loss. This raised debate and worry about the potential tactics used.

Trisha Yearwood as seen in an April 22 Instagram post | Source:

Some followers voiced concern and suspicion about her sudden weight reduction, with remarks such, “Everyone’s dying to be skinny,” and “Ozempic!” implying the usage of weight management medicines. One commenter stated, “Trisha is always and forever a beautiful woman.” Doesn’t Ozempic create loose skin due to quick weight loss?!

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