Olive Salad

During a recent trip to New Orleans, I was introduced to the famed muffuletta sandwich. If you’re not familiar with this regional specialty, it’s a thick and savory sandwich made with thinly sliced Italian cold cuts, provolone cheese, and, of course, handmade olive salad. Several friends told me it was a must-try during my vacation to New Orleans, and it certainly did not disappoint. I’m a great olive enthusiast, and I knew I had to duplicate the Olive Salad spread at home!

To my joy, recipes for olive salad were readily available. Many people claim to have recreated the iconic Central Grocery spread where the Muffeletta was first made. I felt that seemed like a good dish, so I modeled my version on those classics. The salad couldn’t be easier to prepare. Gather the olives and pickled vegetables, a fresh lemon, and a few extra seasonings, then puree everything together in a food processor.

With such soft components, the mixture will chop quickly, so keep an eye on it! The texture should be coarsely minced, not processed into a paste. While this Olive Salad is ideal for Muffaletta sandwiches, it’s also wonderful with crackers and cheese. The salad is best consumed the day after it is made so that all of the tastes may blend together. It’s hard to wait, but the end product will be worthwhile!

Olive Salad 9-min

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