A flight attendant gives a great response to an arrogant fancy woman without skipping a beat.

There’s no doubt that the aviation industry has faced its fair share of challenges recently. They must deal with people who are regularly irritated, all while smiling. As you can expect, some of them find it difficult to keep their opinions to themselves. Nonetheless, when they do have the opportunity, it is usually one of the most incredible things you can imagine.

Flight Attendant Gives Hilarious Response To An Arrogant Rich Woman

This is exactly what happened in this case: a powerful, rich passenger collided with a male flight attendant. You’ll be laughing aloud at the end! A  flight attendant had a unique method of dealing with a snobbish passenger who refused to put their tray up for landing. The flight attendant directed this woman to lift her tray, but she refused and continued to speak in a patronizing tone.

You will not believe what he says! “A  flight attendant served me on my flight. When he gave us food and drinks, he appeared to lift everyone’s spirits. “He came swishing down the aisle just as the plane was ready to descend, informing us: “Captain Marvey has asked me to make a statement that he will be landing the enormous, terrifying aircraft soon. Therefore, it would be very appreciated if you could simply set up your trays.”

This flight attendant made all his passengers laugh with his hilarious safety brief - Scoop Upworthy

When he turned back up the aisle, he noticed that a young, exotic, and wonderfully dressed woman had not moved the tray. “Maybe it was muffled by those massive engines, but I asked you to lift your tray so the main man can land us safely on the ground.” “In my country, I am called a Princess, and I take no orders from anyone,” she said, gently turning her head.

The flight attendant promptly reacted, without missing a beat: “Well, dear, I am considered to as a Queen in my country, and I rank higher than you. Get on a tray up, B***!

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