New father was sent out of the hospital after doing this in the room where mom was giving delivery.

A new mother was frightened when her father did something unexpected in the hospital room where she was giving birth. He determined that his pregnant girlfriend may be in labor while he occupied himself with other activities. He expected to relax with his hobbies while she pushed forth their baby. But the young mother wouldn’t have it, and despite his protests, she had him removed.A young woman, anxious for guidance, posted a story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit about an unhappy circumstance with her gaming-addicted ex-boyfriend.

The 19-year-old lady, who gave birth to her first kid in late April 2024, says that she separated from the baby’s 21-year-old father in November after he cheated on her multiple times.”He’s had a couple other girlfriends since then and is still with one of them currently, but he still did go to most of my appointments with me,” she states. While he was generally there during her pregnancy, she later admits that when she went into labor, she contacted him to drive her to the hospital.”He came to pick me up to bring me to the hospital, and he had his entire TV and PlayStation in the backseat, with no car seat for the baby,” says the new mother,

who was taken aback by the contents of his car. “I told him he couldn’t bring that to the hospital, and he said if I wanted him to be there for our son’s birth, he needed something to do to pass the time. We battled over it practically the entire way to the hospital, but he didn’t bring it in. When the two got at the hospital, the woman was put to a room and labored for two hours as her ex was at her side.

“My father and sister came to see me a few hours after I gave birth, but he had to leave because the hospital only allows two visitors. I told him that while they were here, he should go bring his TV back home and install the car seat so that when they discharged us, we would be ready.” Expecting her plan to put the infant seat in the car into action, the author then states that following a visit with her family, she texted the new father, letting him know “he is welcome to come back if he would like.”

Within 20 minutes, he reappeared, armed with something. “He’s walking back into my room, holding his television. We start arguing about how I already told him he couldn’t have that in my room, and he starts ranting at me, claiming that I don’t create the rules and that I should be grateful that he wants to be there for our baby, but instead I’m making him unhappy.”

He demanded that he return the television to his car or leave, claiming that “he has a right to spend time with his son.” When he refused to go, she asked a nurse to remove him. She writes, “They eventually kicked him out. “He yelled at me as he left, saying I was kicking him out of his son’s life…” Before asking other Redditors, “AITA for making him choose between the TV and leaving?” The OP adds that her ex is now threatening to take her to “court for custody” of their son.

She continues, “he has texted me since saying that I’m taking his rights away from him and there [are] no rules that he couldn’t bring his own TV and game system while he spends time at the hospital.” Not unexpectedly, the online public supported the mother while criticizing the father for his “immaturity.” “I don’t have words to express his immaturity. Bringing his video game setup into the recovery area is beyond idiocy, and you were correct to send him out. “He’s selfish, so just tag him for child support and supervised visits,” adds one netizen.

Responding to that, a second person says, “No way a dude like that has any sort of decent job, so no use going for child support.” Meanwhile, others described their own labor pains: “I was [14] when my brother was born, and my mother was in labor for 21 hours.” My father brought his [portable gaming station], but it died, so he borrowed my Game Boy to avoid boredom. I detest that there are more people like him in the world.”One user adds to the sentiment by writing, “Small and portable is one thing. A complete television and game system is another matter entirely.”

A different Redditor writes, “I can already hear the judge laughing at the temper tantrum of a 21-year-old guy about not being able to play video games in the hospital room to ‘spend some quality time with his son.'”

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