Mom gives birth to a baby who died in the womb… while holding the girl in her arms, her husband said something she will never forget.

Losing a child is undoubtedly the most terrible nightmare scenario for a parent. I can only fathom how painful and heartbreaking it must be to say goodbye to the thing you care about the most in the entire world.Whitney Quinton and her husband Brett’s worst became a reality when they had to say goodbye to their daughter before she even had a chance to live.

After giving birth to her first son, she had a heartbreaking miscarriage in her second pregnancy, but she remained determined to give her son a brother one day. Three years after her miscarriage, she underwent endometriosis surgery and immediately discovered that she was pregnant again. Needless to say, Whitney and her companion were pleased after the agony of the previous events.

Scans suggested that the couple was expecting a young girl, but when the gender was disclosed during the ultrasound, what should have been a happy event quickly turned tragic. Whitney’s first warning flag was that scans were taking longer than normal. “I got worked up while we waited, and my husband tried to reassure me everything would be fine,” she told Love What Matters.

“My mind was going a thousand miles a minute thinking about all of the things she could have and how scared I was.”Soon came the news that every pregnant parent dreads. A radiologist entered the room and informed Whitney and her partner that their daughter’s heart was in the incorrect location. She also lacked a kidney, had stunted growth in her long bones, and had significant hand and foot problems.

“She then stated in very direct terms, ‘You can terminate this pregnancy in the next three weeks if you are unable to handle this’,” Whitney claimed. “I let out a scream I hadn’t realized I was capable of. I went to my knees and screamed. I immediately burst into tears. My spouse continued to touch my back while he wept.” Whitney went on to discuss the struggle of the next two weeks.

Whitney and her husband were exhausted, bewildered, and heartbroken. They had countless tests and hospital visits, and physicians informed them that their unborn daughter would have a very low quality of life if she survived at all. She explained, “My husband and I cried all day and night.” We felt we had nothing more to give. We had a selfish desire for her.

“To us, she was perfect, despite her numerous health difficulties. It didn’t matter to us. But as parents, you realize that it’s not about what’s best for you, but about what’s best for her and what she wants.” To help them make their decision, the troubled couple turned to God. Whitney told how they prayed fervently, asking for guidance on what was the proper decision.

Whitney explained: “Two days later, we decided that neither her nor I needed to endure for another minute. The induction was scheduled for a few days later, and the time had come for me to take the drug to induce labor. “I’d deliver her the next day.” She said, “I had hazy vision and was so ill that I told Brett I loved him several times in case I died. I was meant to go to my work party the night before since I thought it would be a better distraction than crying all evening.

The time came to leave, and my health improved.” Whitney’s experience delivering her baby was, obviously, hard and distressing. “I awoke, and the nurse arrived to check on me. Our daughter, Ruby-Jo, had come while I was sleeping,” she explained. “The doctor came in to pick up her tiny, 1- pound, lifeless body and I went into complete shock.” Whitney described how she had an overwhelming rush of shame, despair, and fury.

Despite her heartbreak, her spouse murmured a series of words she will never forget. “Whits, it’s OK. “You did it,” he informed her. “She is finally home, and she is perfect. She is with our family in Heaven, and she is no longer in suffering. “I am very proud of you.” “Not a day has gone by that I don’t think about the words my husband said to me that day,” Whitney stated in her letter.

“He saved me then, and his words continue to save me daily when I fight demons with the Earth-shattering decision we had to make for her.”In reflection, Whitney realized that her baby’s heart abnormality meant she wouldn’t have lasted long outside of her mother’s body. “It was hard news to hear, but it was a relief knowing that we had made the best decision for her,” Whitney wrote in her letter.

Whitney’s sadness remains acute to this day. “She is sealed to our family and, someday in Heaven, we will all be reunited,” Whitney stated. “I shall embrace her, and I am confident she will thank us for freeing her of all her misery. We shall be grateful to her for teaching us how to turn to God, have more compassion, and be there for people amid catastrophes to lift them up.

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