Carol Burnett’s 1969 sketch illustrates that age is just a number (to joke about).

Oh, the joys of getting older—our joints may creak louder than that terrible door in “Old Folks Get a Visit” from 1969’s The Carol Burnett Show. If you recall, Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett could hurl those age jokes around like nobody’s business.

Harvey, who played Bert, was always ready with a joke about something creaking or aching, and boy do we know about it today! Carol, like Molly, was not one to sit quietly. She’d respond with a quip that would make you spit your tea out with laughter.

Then their neighbor Sunny, played by guest star Soupy Sales, shows up—another oldie but goldie who apparently still lives in the 1960s. He arrives in peace and love, until the roast war begins. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t know a Sunny who is still wearing bell bottoms like it’s Woodstock?

They begin telling jokes that remind you of family gatherings where you laugh about who has lost the most hair or whose hearing aid is turned up too loudly. It’s that sweet spot of humor where you laugh because it’s preferable to sobbing over it!

This skit is like seeing us converse with our friends, transforming our peculiarities into punchlines. Isn’t it true that laughing at ourselves keeps us young at heart? Do you need a laugh that takes you back to the good old days when humor was as simple as sitting on the porch? Click play and have fun with Bert, Molly, and Sunny.

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