The woman starts a new life after divorce and job loss by moving into a charming tiny home.

A woman in Florida has decided to go tiny in her new life following divorce. “I’ve never been a big house person,” said Mandy, the owner of the little home she named “Tiny Tina Ballerina.” “My house before this was 900 square feet. I got divorced and lost my career, and I used the chance to travel, explore, and figure out what I wanted to do next in life.”‘

Mandy, talks about her new life in her tiny home after her divorce

Following the divorce, Mandy was able to experience a sense of empowerment in deciding her next steps free of cultural restrictions.When she came upon a little home for sale in a town she had previously visited, she viewed it as an opportunity for financial independence and personal space without the need for a roommate. Living in a small house pushes her to think creatively and differently, reminding her of the potential for a new life after divorce through a simpler lifestyle.

Mandy relaxing on a hanging bed outside her tiny home

Mandy stated that her new existence in a tiny home taught her important lessons about not pushing oneself too hard. Mandy stated that the pleasant compact home allows her to relax, rest, and take breaks without worrying about large costs. “Time becomes worth a lot more than just money,” Mandy added. Tiny Tina is a 12-foot-tall house on an 8×20 trailer, with around 200 sq ft of room, including lofts.

The kitchen inside Mandy's tiny home

Mandy purchased Tiny Tina for $35,000 and paid an additional $5,000. Her monthly fee is $650 and covers the lot, electricity, internet, and cable. The architecture of Mandy’s modest home makes it simple to maintain. She chose a metal roof and gutters since they require less maintenance and successfully prevent water damage. Mandy hasn’t had to put in any effort—it was already painted black, and she elected to keep it that way.”

Mandy's bedroom

Being in Florida, some neighbors questioned my decision, but it’s 200 square feet. If it gets too hot, there’s a small split inside that cools it down rapidly,” she explained. Mandy discovered that the outside storage box was very useful for keeping stuff in her modest home. Tour inside Tiny Tina Ballerina, Mandy’s tiny home and new life after divorce, in the video below:

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