At 61, Demi Moore’s very long hair splits fans in her recent appearance—”You’re trying too hard,”

I believe we can all agree that Demi Moore is an extraordinarily gorgeous woman, regardless of whether you like her on-screen performances. Not only that, but she appears to have the enviable ability to defy Father Time, at least when it comes to her beauty. Take a look at any reputable celebrity-themed news outlet or magazine, and you’ll most certainly discover at least one case in which Moore has dazzled in recent years.

We at Newsner have covered (in part) her performances at the Cannes Film Festival, the Met Gala, and Dolce & Gabbana’s 40th anniversary gala in 2024.My point is that one could wax poetic about Moore’s beauty and timeless grace, especially for a woman of 61, for a very long time. Even she, however, is not immune to the criticism of online users who are always eager to pick apart an A-lister’s looks, whether it’s their hair, appearance, cosmetics, or choice of dress.

As previously said, we wrote about Moore’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival last weekend, but after seeing a number of comments circulating online, we decided to revisit it.Not only did people rave about the actress’s magnificent silver gown (which included an arrowed portion that protruded straight out from her left shoulder), but it appears that her hair was also a hot topic.

The Indecent Proposal star’s waist-length locks drew a lot of attention after Cannes, eliciting mixed reactions from her fans and others. “Her hair is too much,” one user wrote on Instagram. “Yes, I agree. “It needs to be put up in a messy bun, which is inappropriate for her age,” remarked another. “Hair is way too long,” another commented simply.

“I love her, but it’s getting dull lately. “You’re trying too hard,” said a fourth.”Too much hair ” said another. A fifth person commented: “Hair need it to be pull on a high ponytail or a sophisticated bun, the hair takes away from the drama and detail of the dress.”Others were more supportive of Moore’s appearance for the occasion, showering her with compliments and even calling out those who attempted to detract from it. In any case, we’re confident that the actress is satisfied with her choices!

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