The Cannes Film Festival Kevin Costner really stood out, rocking a gray mustache along with his usual soul patch and looking totally different

Kevin Costner attracted heads on the red carpet with a daring new appearance that sparked conversation. What made it even more remarkable was that he walked the red carpet alongside his teenage son, Hayes.The Cannes Film Festival has been bustling with celebrities flaunting their most gorgeous attire. Kevin Costner stood out, sporting a gray mustache alongside his normal soul patch and appearing completely different.

His new style is most likely inspired by his lead part in Horizon: An American Saga, which he also directs. The actor arrived on the red carpet with an unexpected guest: his son Hayes. Kevin wore a button-up shirt with his matching white suit, while Hayes dressed casually in a gray t-shirt. However, it wasn’t only the father-son combination who drew attention; online sleuths couldn’t help but notice the Yellowstone star’s dramatic metamorphosis.

The clean-shaven style was replaced by a strong mustache, and his hair was now a brilliant reddish blonde color.Fans were happy to see Hayes with his father, commenting how much he like Kevin. However, Kevin’s new hair color did not escape attention, with one fan suggesting it was time to let go of the dye. “Good-looking, son.

“It’s time to stop dyeing your hair,” one fan said. Others were perplexed by the sudden shift, and some even joked that their hairdresser might not be doing them any favors. Some users on social media didn’t recognize Kevin and were left wondering what happened to his hair. Others merely prayed he’d return to his usual appearance.

Some people did not appreciate Kevin’s new look. One user said, “His hair looks ridiculous,” another, “Kevin looks goofy,” and still another, “The dyed hair is hideous.” Another individual just stated, “Really bad look, Kev.” Comments rushed in, with some wondering, “That’s Costner?” Another said, “What happened to Costner’s hair?”

Later, at the celebration, Kevin proudly revealed his other children. The entire family looked great, showing their support for the actor and his son. Kevin was flanked by his five children: Annie, Cayden, Grace, Hayes, and Lily. This red carpet occasion was extra meaningful because Kevin Costner was promoting a film in which he costarred with his son.

While Hayes rarely appears in public with his father, the 15-year-old has decided to pursue acting in his father’s footsteps, making his debut in Horizon: An American Saga.Kevin’s appearance at the Cannes Festival with his family proved how successfully he had brought his family back together following his divorce.

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