Man Dumped His Beloved Right in Front of Her Parents When He Found Out She Had A Daughter & Didn’t Care Much About Her

At the start of their romance, a man’s heart leaped with joy. His lover soon made herself at home in his environment, and their love story appeared to be flawless. However, on a fateful day, he received an exciting invitation: his lover wanted him to meet her family. Little did he realize that a surprising surprise awaited him at her parents’ house.

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On September 20, 2023, a 31-year-old male Reddit member took to the platform to share his tale, seeking insight over a recent relationship occurrence. He had started dating his now-ex-girlfriend, a 27-year-old lady, around six months ago.Two months into their relationship, she moved into his apartment, and everything appeared to be going well. However, their relationship took an unexpected turn over the weekend when she expressed her wish for him to meet her family.

A mind-blowing discovery that led to an unexpected decision. It wasn’t long before they left for her family’s house on a Saturday. About 30 minutes into the visit, a 10-year-old girl opened the front door, spotted the man’s girlfriend, and exclaimed, “Mom!” as she hugged her. The man was taken surprised because his partner had never suggested having a daughter during their relationship. Further chat revealed that she had not visited or spoken with her daughter in at least two months.

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Baffled and dismayed by this discovery, the guy asked the young girl when she had last spoken to her mother, to which she replied, “Sometime before Summer break.” At this time, he recognized he couldn’t continue his relationship with someone who appeared to have abandoned her child. With resolve, the man determined to confront the problem straight. In front of her parents, he told his lover that their relationship could not continue.

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He described his unwillingness to be with someone who appeared to have ignored her own flesh and blood.In his Reddit post, the man asked for feedback from the online community, specifically if he was in the wrong for breaking the relationship in front of her parents. He further stated in an update that he was not seeking judgment for breaking up with her, but rather wondering if he was incorrect in how he handled the situation.

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