My mother-in-law called my 14-week-old son overweight, and what she asked me after stunned me.

On October 30, 2023, a woman described her interactions with her 63-year-old mother-in-law, who frequently struggled with boundaries and appropriate communication. Previously, the mother-in-law’s actions had resulted in the dissolution of connections with another son and daughter-in-law. The woman’s fiancé insisted on inviting a family member to their wedding, which strained relations.

During wedding preparations, the mother-in-law continued to disrespect limits, generating stress for the couple. During the holidays, they had to travel to different sections of the island to see their families. Even though the woman had tests for a teaching license two days before the ceremony, the mother-in-law refused to honor their request to arrive on a specified day for wedding preparations.

Following the birth of their kid, the woman, who was recovering from a difficult childbirth, got harsh comments from her mother-in-law regarding her appearance and body after pregnancy. Thanksgiving tensions rose as the mother-in-law insisted on providing unsolicited advice regarding the child, criticizing their decision to nurse, and even commenting negatively on the baby’s weight.

After a fierce argument with the woman’s mother-in-law, her partner canceled their scheduled Thanksgiving visit, pushing his parents not to come that week.

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