The doctors did not see anything during the scan. But when the father took a closer look, he saw something peculiar.

Welsh Kelly Lewis can fairly be described as a happy woman. She is married and has a lovely daughter. And a few months before the child’s birth, she had an extraordinarily entrancing encounter.Kelly was 26 years old when she became pregnant. Happy parents were looking forward to their daughter’s arrival while also feeling anxious. Of course, mom and dad were concerned about the unborn child’s health and hoped that nothing awful would happen.

Kelly showed her husband an ultrasound scan when she returned home from a hospital examination. He yelped with surprise when he stared at the picture. He then showed his wife what he had seen, and she couldn’t believe it. The image depicted an angel blowing a kiss to the girl. Parents regarded it as a positive sign. Yes, the girl was born healthy and strong.

Several years have gone by since then, and the girl has not given mom and dad any cause for concern. “I believe my baby is marked by an angel!” exclaims a delighted Kelly. It’s astonishing what basic ultrasound scans may reveal.
Parents are really pleased and proud of their daughter.

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