5 Things Girls Need to Hear From Their Mom

1. You are beautiful and so talented. With all the negative things being thrown at your daughter, she needs to hear her mom say she is beautiful. When you tell your girl she’s beautiful, give examples of her beauty. And don’t always make it physical beauty.

Tell her she’s beautiful because she’s kind to others or isn’t afraid to stand strong against peer pressure. Reinforcing the beauty within her gives her confidence to continue pursuing those qualities you love.Every girl has gifts and talents.And who knows? Praising those talents may direct your daughter down a career path she never considered.

2.You are worthy. One of the most important things to tell your daughter is that she is worthy of your time and attention.

3.You are unique. Just tell your daughter there is not a person in the whole wide world who thinks like you do. Not one. You are unique in how you see the world, how you interpret your life and the space around you; how you interact with others and how you live each and every day…

4. It’s OK to cry and be emotional. Your girl needs to know it’s OK to cry and show her emotions. However, how she handles those emotions is important. If the emotions overwhelm and control her, you’re not helping set her up for success.

5..I love you. Show her your love and appreciation.simply hold her tight and tell her I love her. Whatever the delivery, it’s important that your daughter knows without a doubt that she is loved.

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