How did the policeman know that the man was lying?

Everyone would agree that intelligence tests are “biased” in the sense that: test performance is influenced by cultural experiences, the reliability of intelligence tests is close to zero,

the heritability of intelligence is very high numerical scores of intelligence serve to dehumanize individuals. It’s time to check your brainpower with riddles that will make you want to read things twice.

Don’t underestimate the challenge because these problems may not be as simple as you think. The best part is that they’re amusing too. One man called the police on January 1 to report a crime and he told the police that his valuable things were stolen while he was attending a New Year’s Eve party next door.

He said the party was amazing and the Christmas lights were shining brightly. The man put the blame on the party host, his neighbor. When the policeman was interrogating the neighbor, he didn’t need to hear her story because he immediately knew the man was lying. How did he know?

The right answer is that the neighbor is lying. The lights are not working, two bulbs are missing.

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