Steps to Healthy Skin After 50

It is very important to care for women, especially those over 50, is usually on ways to keep skin looking younger. But instead of focusing on having youthful skin, work on keeping your skin healthy.

When you have healthy skin, you look your best, no matter what your age. Here are some ways to do just that and to look more healthy. The first advice is to drink plenty of water. Your skin needs moisture,

and drinking water helps to hydrate it from the inside. As people age they become more susceptible to dehydration because they lose some of their sense of thirst. But you need to drink more water in this age.

Avoid using soap. Soaps tend to dry your skin. Look for unscented products. Wash your face twice a day. Use a mild cleanser with warm water to keep your face clean and fresh. Now avoid scrubbing your skin,

which eliminates essential oils and can dry it out. Always wash your face before going to bed to wash away the dirt and the grime of the day. Skip the long, hot baths or showers.

You might find long baths or showers relaxing, but spending too much time in hot water dries out your skin. Lower the temperature of the water and limit the time to max 10 minutes.

Moisturize every day. As you age and your skin becomes drier, you might have to change your moisturizer to one more suited to your new skin type. Look for thick, creamy moisturizers that are oil based. Be sure to apply moisturizer all over at least once a day.

Check ingredients. Use only healthy food. Many products are available to treat the signs of aging. Ask your doctor about tretinoin, a prescription topical cream in the vitamin A family.

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