The Smallest Horse in the World!!!!

When Faith Smith found out that six-week-old Peabody the miniature horse, who is deaf, blind, and unable to walk, she wasn’t swayed. When she was told that a veterinarian had advised his first family to euthanize him, she still didn’t change her mind.!

She knew that Peabody deserved the chance to live a life surrounded by love. So she rented a van and drove across the country to rescue him. While his previous family believed he was blind and deaf, only one of these conditions has been confirmed to be true.

Peabody can see perfectly fine, but he is indeed deaf. Despite this, he is thriving in his new life as a happy house horse, and is surrounded by so much love. Potty training is the latest hurdle for this adorable animal, but with everything , he has already overcome and accomplished, he will surely master that too.

This tiny horse was abandoned by his mother because he was too small to reach her udder, now he lives indoors and has three doggy friends to play with. Just  six week old Peabody is smaller than most dogs and weighs only19 pounds, far dinkier than the average miniature horse.

“Peabody is the smallest horse in the world at his age,” said his owner, Faith Smith, a miniature horse trainer from San Diego, California. “Horses are never indoor animals, but Peabody is so small,

that he could never live outside unless he gets bigger, and we’re not sure if he will. “At present, he lives inside the house with the dogs.” This horse is really cute, and everyone who sees want to take care for it.

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