Why His Daughter Made Him Wings???

When his daughter found out what he does for a living; climbing tall ladders to repair power lines, she made him some wings that he would be safe, and he agreed that he would wear them.

Now each time he goes to work, he wears his daughter’s wings, because that’s safety, what good dads do. While most kids will share a special bond with their parents, the relationship between a father and his daughter (or a daughter and her stepdad) is a truly special one.

Prevailing gender stereotypes of dads gravitating toward their sports-playing sons while being over-protective of their doll-playing daughters aside, it’s true what is said of “girl dads”:

once their daughter is born, they’re a puddle of love. And if you’re a daughter (or a dad) who knows what it’s like to share that unique familial bond, you’ll feel so seen by these father-daughter quotes.

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