OMG! This man eats 5,000 calories a day, And Who helps Him?

New Jersey-based Blake Horton was in his late 20s when he started eating a lot. Jersey went 81 kg to 107 kg. Before Blake followed a crash diet and began losing weight. But he didn’t want to be skinny.

Besides that he was mostly starving or craving for his next meal. After trying out a lot of unusual fad diets, Blake realized that one need not really starve to lose weight.

He also realized that one need not really give up eating one’s favorites food to look healthy and muscular. Somewhere between trying fad diets and discovering his love for fitness, he found the balance.

Today, he is followed by people from over 100 countries. Blake regularly posts in Instagram videos of him feasting on giant pizzas and meals with his partner Jennifer Hiraldo. And he explains that this is not bad, its normal to eat what you want.

Sometimes, he simply educates his followers about counting their calories and choosing to eat right. He writes about junk food,
‘Why is my meal so much bigger then? Because I use minimal junk food in my meals. The only ‘junk food’ here is M&M’s,

and I fit them into my macros,’ he wrote.Blake explained that nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, granola, chia seeds, chickpeas, quinoa, dark chocolate, fruit juices, avocado and all those not healthy cereals are calorie dense. The list goes on and on”

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