She Lived As A Man for 43 Years, Who Is This Woman?

Nas Daily have another crazy story for you all the way from Luxor, Egypt. In Egypt there is a woman who is hiding as a man for 43 years, she wears a man’s clothes works a man’s job and even speaks like a man.

Who is she why can’t she be a woman, and did she get in trouble when the world found out in the city of Luxer Egypt Nas Daily found Sisa
didn’t always look like this in fact 43 years ago she looked like this with a husband and a daughter.

But then and in Egypt a woman was expected to stay in the house raising kids not working everyone turned their back on Sisa including her own family it’s yours wait she was at the end of the road. She and her family needed a man figure to give them food, Income and safety.

So one day Sisa realized if she cannot find a man to help her she should be the man to help herself literally the man to help herself she cut all her hair, she got rid of all her dresses, she changed her voice put on men’s clothes and started working really really tough jobs.

Like constructions and shining shoes. In her society these jobs are reserved for men like me so turning into a man was the only way to get these jobs she did these jobs every day, every year, for 43 years to save every last penny to feed her daughter.

Became stronger than most men not just physically but also mentally and after decades of suffering in silence Cesar was finally noticed she got on Egyptian tv and was honored by the president as the ideal fighting mother.

But in doing so Sisa paid the ultimate sacrifice she forgot how to be a woman. Did she ride along with her now this? 67 year old woman still dresses as a man and shines shoes. For a living this story has a happy and a sad ending,

On one hand Cesar was able to survive financially and raise awareness about women’s rights but on the other hand let’s not forget there are still millions of women who are suffering in silence who feel like they have to give up their gender, just to have the same opportunities as men.

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