This woman lives every day like it’s 1958: Her style, her House, Everything…

I’m Lacey Faye and I live every day like ,it’s 1958 people’s reaction is it’s almost always positive. This is who I am, this is what I like and I feel like you should do what you like, you should do what makes you feel beautiful and you dress however you want a dress.

That makes you feel the most like you people will stop dead in their tracks and they will just stop and their their eyes are fixed on her as as we’ll walk by one place in town that kind of brings in the nineteen fifties vibe quite well in the local pharmacy.

I really honed in on the 1950s because of my grandparents they got married in 1955, and their stories it just made it sound like the best time ever. Everything’s beautiful, colorful, happy, optimistic. We bought our home four years ago and it was built in 1953.

We tried to pack as much in as we can while keeping it authentic I don’t want it to look like it’s a fifties Museum. I want it to look like it’s an authentic nineteen fifties home, that you’ve walked into. When people walk into our house for the first time,

a smile comes on everybody’s face. Our 1950s kitchen I’ve tried to do as authentic as I could and I think the appliances works better. It was built to last forever that you would keep that forever and I think so I mean a fridge didn’t run for 70 years.

That’s fine it’s not stopped yet the only room. That’s not decorated 50 was my son’s room. We let him choose it feels so normal to me. Now that I wouldn’t really think of it as different anymore. When we first moved into the house and started getting more objects secondhand,

I always thought that was kind of weird but it just got to be so normal and now it’s like fun. You go to the thrift store and find something that just makes our house perfect.

1950s style is normal I understand that too outside folks looking in that, it could be weird but I think everybody’s weird in their own way everybody’s nerdy about something and it might as well be something that you love.

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