It’s hard for him to find a job, and even to find love…..

In a small city in Turkey there is a man who is the tallest in the world. He’s so tall that a normal door is too short, a normal car is too small a normal bed , is not enough and a normal person is tiny. In front of him who is he how did he get this tall and why does he need a king.

When I was in turkey a lot of people told me about a guy who lives in a remote city near the border of Syria. Who’s taller than anyone else in the world. I got curious and thought to myself I had to see him in person.

So I flew here to the city of Mardin. It’s right by the border between Syria and Turkey, where are we in. Turkey he literally doesn’t know in a normal year. This city is full of tourists but because of the war in Syria and the kobet 19 pandemic it is quiet and here is where the tallest man in the world lives.

Hi my man is sultan tallest man. He is a staggering two meters 51 centimeters which takes two people . Stacked on top of each other
to reach his height he is also . The biggest sultan’s hands are the biggest in the world and so are his feet

He wears special shoes, special clothes and uses a special pen. But it’s not all as fun as it sounds when sultan was 10 years old doctors found a tumor in his brain that made him grow taller and taller more than all his friends,

even more than his parents and the taller he got the more problems. He found he couldn’t even go to normal school anymore, he couldn’t drive a car and he couldn’t stand for longer than 30 minutes,

that’s why he needs a cane it’s hard for him to find a job to walk around, and even to find love. When he slipped and broke his leg, because of his size the hospital could not treat him for 10 days.

His body became so tall he had to fly to the United States , just to get a doctor to stop him from growing, but sultan is the last person to complain , instead of thinking this body is a curse. He thinks of it as a blessing my body is a kid from God,

because of it he got into the Guinness book of world, records became super famous traveled to 128 countries and met thousands of new friends and all of this while flying business class because he doesn’t fit in economy.

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