Cats: What Your Cat’s Behavior is Trying to Communicate 1

Cats do a lot of strange things that only cat owners can understand. For example, on the receiving end of a lifeless mouse, or throwing your drink off the table frequently, are part of the experience.

Experts don’t know much about cats yet, but we do know enough to know that certain behaviors mean your cat is comfortable or something is wrong.

Read on to get a glimpse into the secret lives of cats and to find out what certain unusual behaviors mean your feline friend is trying to communicate with you.

How Cats Demand Attention. Cats like to lie where you work and interrupt what you are doing. Whether you open a book or type on a laptop, they will approach you without hesitation.

Why Cats Ignore You. This is the shape of a cat, it commands you to stop paying attention to what you are doing, but to pay attention to them. Being between you and the objects you are touching, they order you to touch and touch them.

Cats are intelligent beings but they are also undeniably stubborn. When you call a dog’s name, he will come bounding up to you but when you call a cat’s name, they will more likely ignore you altogether.

This is not because they do not understand their name. It is actually because they just don’t want to go to you. They like to show affection on their own terms and will come and say hello to you when they feel like it.

How Cats Find Comfort. When kittens are born, they press on their mother’s mammary glands while drinking her milk. This prompts the mother to produce more so they can keep drinking.

This instinct stays with the cat even after they become fully grown cats. Adult cats often associate the soft parts of your body with the comforts of their mother and so they knead these parts with their paws.

Experts generally believe that they do this either when they are content or when they are seeking stress relief.

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