How to choose your walking boots????? Are they waterproof?

If you are a trekking adventure, walking boots are an important part of the equipment. Getting the right walking boots is important because it will make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

When choosing walking boots, you will come across a variety of brands, fabrics, and styles, so here are some important factors to consider. When should I get them?

Prepare your hiking boots weeks or even months before your expedition so that you have time to set them up and make sure they are comfortable. Please wear boots regularly during expedition training and walking to and from school or hiking with your family on weekends.

Are they waterproof? It’s essential your boots are waterproof, as you don’t want wet feet during your expedition. Wet feet will increase your chances of blisters.

All DofE Recommended walking boots from Hi-Tec are waterproof and have a Dri-Tec waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps your feet dry. Do they fit?

When choosing walking boots, getting the right boots is critical. We recommend the use of professional accessories for durable, well-fitting boots. GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors or Tiso stores offer free professional boot accessories in their stores.

The staff will help you find the right boots for your adventure, and you can also try them on on the slopes and slopes of the store. When trying on your boots, be sure to wear the hiking socks you used on the expedition,

so you know that the fit will not change. A good pair of walking socks, such as the Bridgedale HIKE socks recommended by DofE, will increase the comfort of your boots.

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