Paddy and Nico are a couple of salsa

Paddy and Nico are a couple of salsa dancers, after winning Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer, they entered the finale of the eighth season of British Got Talent. The duo is made up of Paddy Jones and Nico Espinosa who live in Spain.

Jones was a dancer when he was young, but later abandoned the boy. Later, she and her husband went to live in Spain. After his death, to “learn something completely different”, she went to the dance academy in Espinosa.

This duo auditioned directly after child dance duo Lauren and Terrell. During this time, Simon said: “I am very happy that this is not a bad ballroom dance. I am really allergic to it.” The two began their audition with a 30-second dance routine,

during which Simon buzzed. As soon as he did this, both Jones and Espinosa looked at him, then switched to a more exciting salsa show, which included Nico twirling Paddy and lifting her into the air.

At the end of the performance, Amanda pressed her golden bell and said, “My Nan and I will be behind you.” Simon also apologized for pressing the doorbell, calling this behavior “unusual.”

Before the duo’s semifinal performance, Jones broke his ribs and initially excluded them from the live performance. However, the next day it was announced that Jones was in good health and could perform. The couple was the penultimate act of the final semifinal,

and they performed a salsa show in Ricky Martin’s “Livin” La Vida Loca. David praised this behavior and said, “What I got from it was his incredible courage, he recovered from the injury and did this. Alesha added:

“I know there are some small mistakes there. , But no one cares… People have fallen in love with you. The two finished in the top three, where they won a sentencing vote for singer Bailey McConnell. Duo

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