WHY This 8-Year-Old Asks Mom To Stop the Car????

When 8-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. noticed that an elderly woman was struggling to climb the stairs, he would definitely help her there. When Maurice was leaving his sister’s high school graduation ceremony with her and her mother in the car,

he saw an old woman looking out the window, struggling with a walker. He asked his mother Contricia if she could stop the car so he could go out and help the woman.

“He asked,’ Can I go out and help her up the steps?'” Contricia said. Riley Duncan was in the car behind them. He was deeply grateful when he saw why the car in front stopped. He then took a video of the kind boy who jumped out of the car to help an older stranger.

Morris ran to the woman and asked if he could help her, and she happily agreed. He put his hands on her back to help her stay stable and helped her lift the walker with every step she took.

The two walked to the top of the concrete stairs and hugged each other, and the old woman and Morris could be seen smiling. Then he told Morris that he was “very special”.

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