Rats Make Art And Spread Happiness In Their Paintings

Our mission at Marty Mouse House is to offer joy and smiles to our community. Pet rats are frequently underappreciated as fantastic pets. I wish to make people happy through storytelling and artistic photography.

Our boys have been painting for years and their work brings delight to others. Each one is one-of-a-kind and unusual, thanks to the use of ball-drags and other techniques.

They write in their Facebook page: ”I was going to tell you about my announcement again, but then mom came in wiff brownies she made from scratch, and I forgot what I was going to say,

because eben though we only got a tiny taste ob the brownie, it was so exciting and yummy. Brownie residoo is the best! We lubbed it alot, and each ob us got a little bite because mom is fair and makes sure we each an equal piece,

cause thats only right, if someone got a bigger piece they might be upset and she doesn’t want that to happen. But she always eats the biggest piece which isn’t really fair, but I guess she is bigger than us,

and she did make them, so I’m just glad she is willing to share wiff us. Sharing is really important and one ob the fings you should always do, cuz it’s nice”.

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