The Incredible Blind Chef

This woman is legally blind, but the same woman won a cooking competition and cooked this food without seeing. So how do you win a cooking competition if you cannot see?

What you’re cooking and how does she cook with a knife . In Texas USA I found Christine “Hi not daily I’m Christine Ha and I won master chef in 2012”.

Christine fell in love with cooking when she was young , but then around the age of 20 she started to lose her vision everything she knew. Changed including her dreams. I started losing my vision around the same time that I started really getting into

cooking so this was in my 20s I felt sad and sorry for myself wondering what my purpose was in life at this point. I told myself well this is the hand that I was dealt with so I had to figure it out and try to be a part of society and give back to the world.

In spite of my challenges she had to relearn everything how to walk, how to read and how to cook without seeing but she decided if she cannot see then she has to learn how to cook using taste and sound.

“I believe that in losing my vision it has made my other four senses more focused and so when I taste food now I find that I notice a lot more the different nuances like the texture temperature flavors and ingredients.

Used in a dish of course it’s super hard. Simple stuff like using a knife or even boiling water can be dangerous when you cannot see. I
think I’m very meticulous so I use a knife carefully and make sure my knife is sharp.

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