Man Gives Girlfriend A Necklace, 2 Years Later She Screams When She Realizes What’s Inside of It

Men don’t have the reputation of buying the most thoughtful presents for their significant others. However, sometimes men can surprise you and really go the extra mile in hopes of finding the perfect gift.

Others may use their creativity and imagination to make the most romantic gift for their wife or girlfriend. With that being said, nobody should have guessed the surprise this girlfriend was going to get when Terry combined something that he made with something that he bought.

Yet, that still wasn’t enough, which led to him forming an ingenious plan that left his girlfriend, Anna, screaming. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Terry and Anna are a lovely couple living in Australia. They first begin dating after being friends for almost four years and have been together for a little over a year. They are very happy together and are ready to take the next step together.

On the couple’s first anniversary, Terry wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a special gift. He decided to do something, although he did not feel very comfortable. Despite this, he still began to work hard to turn his brilliant ideas into reality.

Terry’s gift idea was to make a necklace for Anna. He spent a lot of time and energy, but in the end he got it right and finished the main part of the necklace himself. Then he bought a chain and put the two together to make a necklace.

Terry had hidden something within the necklace. This took a lot of time to design to make sure it was concealed properly. It took a lot of glue, but Terry eventually got it the way that he wanted.

Terry decided to take Anna out to a lovely dinner for their anniversary. This was where he planned to reveal his big surprise. Terry was a little nervous because Anna was usually very picky about the jewelry she wore, but that didn’t stop him.

Once the couple had finished their dinner, Terry decided that now was the time to reveal his surprise. That’s when he took his handmade necklace out and presented it to Anna. Anna’s reaction wasn’t what Jerry had expected, and he was almost shaking when he finally gave it to her.

The months flew passed since Terry had gifted Anna his handmade necklace. Anna still hadn’t become aware of what was inside the necklace, which was a big relief for Terry. At this point, there was a lot less risk of Anna finding out what was inside.

The couple decided to to a trip , trip turned out to be better than they could imagine, and they made many memories that they would remember for the rest of their lives. Terry knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Anna, but his dark secret was always in the back of his mind.

Terry decided to ask his girlfriend to take the necklace off as soon as they reached the caves. Anna was understandably confused by Terry’s strange request, but she obliged and handed the handcrafted necklace to her boyfriend. She didn’t know what was coming.

After receiving the piece of jewelry from Anna, Terry broke the necklace apart with a pocket knife he was carrying and handed it back to his girlfriend. She was shocked at first that he would break her necklace, but her jaw dropped when she saw what was inside.

Anna’s first emotion was anger because Terry had just broken the necklace that we had worn ever since he gifted it to her. However, once she separated the two parts and found what was hidden inside her necklace, she was left completely speechless.

Anna saw what was hidden in the necklace and was shocked at what she was looking atAnna has later stated that Terry’s proposal was a special surprise and that she feels like the luckiest girl in the entire world to have Terry by her side. The couple’s engagement and marriage have exceeded all of the expectations Anna had.

– an engagement ring. She looked away from the necklace to see her boyfriend down on one knee. Anna couldn’t believe what was happening and all she could do was scream with happiness.

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