Can You Find The Mistake????

Here is the Picture Puzzle to test your visual IQ. In this Picture Puzzle, your challenge is to find the mistake in the given image. There is something in this puzzle picture which makes some wrong in this picture. So can you solve this IQ Test picture puzzle and find the mistake in this image?

Can you find the mistake in this puzzle picture? The answer to this “IQ Test Picture Puzzle”, can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer!!!

The Answer is marked as below. It is l (L) instead of 1 (one). You need very good observation power to find this mistake. In fact 1st and 3rd character is l (L) instead of 1. Only 3rd one is marked in this picture.

How good is your observation ability? This is a visibility test of your eyes and brain. Let’s try it out with some images. In these pictures, people must find the hidden animals in the given puzzle picture.

Most picture puzzles give the name of the animal hidden in the picture. Let’s see how good you are at observing images. This is an IQ test of your powers of observation.

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