Mom Goes Spelunking Down Laundry Chute After Getting Locked Out Of Room.

Jon Wenzel of Cedar Lake, Indiana recently shared a series of photos on his Facebook page that has everyone who sees them laughing out loud. It all started when the doorknob on his mother Cheryl Wenzel’s basement laundry room broke. Unable to get into the room, they were forced to get creative.

If you want to know, the door hinge is on the opposite side of the door, so they can’t take it all off the hinge, and then it’s over. There were no doors or windows leading into the room from the outside, so there was no other option, and the family turned their attention to the wash tub.

The only person who is slim enough to fit down the narrow metal chute that leads from the main floor to the basement was Jon’s mom Cheryl. Now, many people wouldn’t feel very comfortable being fitted with a rock climbing harness and crammed into a tiny metal chute, but Cheryl must be 100% braver than most of us because she gamely strapped on the gear and got to work!!!

Judging by the look on her face Cheryl was not exactly thrilled to be chosen for this mission! You know what they say — when the going gets tough, the tough get lowered slowly down a metal hole where they very well might get stuck like Winnie the Pooh trying to reach the honey pot.

After Cheryl managed to squeeze into the space it was just a matter of letting gravity do its thing. Would she safely reach the bottom of the chute and be able to wriggle herself out, or would they have to call the fire fighters to come rescue her? The next picture in Jon’s series gives us our answer, and it’s a great one.

Ta-da! Great work, Cheryl! Sometimes it seems like the best family memories happen when we are forced to work together to solve a problem. This is one team project that none of the Wenzels are likely to forget… especially poor Cheryl! Look like something your own family would do? Share this story to give them a laugh too!

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