Can’t Stop Laughing! Hilarious Times Employees Left Their Brains At Home

Let’s face it, we don’t always bring our “A” game when we go to work each day. Life is busy, and there are just times when we’re not functioning on all cylinders. Check these people who messed up at work one day and now we can’t stop laughing!

1. The soccer moms who lined this field.

2. This meteorologist who just remembered what she forgot to do before going on-air.

3. The retail worker who is just trying to be a trendsetter.

4.The editor who meant to go back and fix that….

5. The tile installer who figured no one would notice if they weren’t an exact match.

6. This sign that did not get the memo

Before the advent of the Internet, we could get through the day without much public oversight and make stupid mistakes, but now there is always someone with a camera ready to take pictures and create their silly “web celebrity.”

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