Doctors Were Baffled By What They Discovered In This Woman’s Delivery Room

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare for a baby physically, mentally, or emotionally—once that bundle of joy pops out of the oven, all you can do as a new parent, is expect the unexpected.

But when it comes to Michigan couple Matt and Nicole Zizemo, they are not the only ones who are shocked by what happened in the delivery room. When Nicole and her first child gave birth, the doctors were puzzled by what they found after the operation.

In September of 2017, Nicole Ziesemer got some really exciting news—she was pregnant and expecting her first child! The soon-to-be mom couldn’t wait to share the great news with her husband and the love of her life, Matt,

but she didn’t want to just spring the news on him during a normal conversation. She couldn’t wait to share this wonderful news with Matt, and celebrate with him over Labor Day weekend, and immediately bought him a little surprise.

“She gave me a shirt that said ‘World’s Greatest Father’, and that’s how I found out,” Matt enthusiastically shared with ABC’s WZZM 13. How adorable!

And with barely two months left until the big day, the couple had made sure to prepare with all of the essentials—a baby crib, a baby seat, and some adorable baby clothes.

During the whole time that Nicole was in labor, she and the medical professionals did whatever they could to make sure this birth was as natural as possible. That included trying not to use any type of scans or tests to check-up on the baby.

However, for pure safety of the baby, Nicole agreed to an ultrasound at one point, and luckily, everything seemed to be okay for the little newborn—as far as they knew.

Even though it wasn’t part of her original birthing plan, thankfully, the epidural helped Nicole with the pain and her contractions. Can you imagine what Nicole and Matt must have been through? At first, Nicole’s amniotic fluid ruptured about a month earlier than expected.

Then they have to drive two hours to the hospital in the midnight storm instead of giving birth naturally at home, and poor Nicole has to endure several hours of giving birth.

The couple arrived at the hospital on Friday in the middle of the night, and finally, the happy couple was able to welcome their very first child into the world at 10:06 P.M. on Saturday, December 30th, 2017.

Because as the doctor checked Nicole to make sure everything was fine, she noticed something that wasn’t supposed to be there. What was going on? Dr. Megan Forshee, Nicole’s doctor, shared with WZZM 13: “I reached in to check the patient and realized there was a head.”

Surprise! The doctor told the happy couple that there was still another baby inside. As soon as they realized that Nicole was actually carrying twins, it was time to prepare for the second delivery. At 11:05 P.M.,

exactly 59 minutes after baby Blakeley Faith was born, the couple happily welcomed their son, Cade Matthew, into the world! Eliza and Ben’s story went absolutely viral, and has touched so many people’s hearts.

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