You Had No Idea These Common Household Items Were Meant To Be Used Like This

Wine Bottle Dip.A lot of people like to drink a glass of wine or two! If you are one of them, perhaps you have noticed that dip at the bottom of the bottle at one point or another. Before anything else, you should know that it is called the punt or kick-up.

It makes the bottle more stable to prevent it from breaking or falling over, after a gust of wind blows by. This also fortifies the bottle to hold sparkling wine, champagne, and the like. It allows the easier distribution of steam when they clean the bottle before adding the wine too.

Random Jean Buttons. Do you love jeans? You might be the biggest fan of these trousers but still have no idea what the extra buttons over the pants are for. We all know that they seem odd, but not enough people out there know just how important they actually are!

Rivets, as they are called, are added strategically to the garment to prevent the seams from ripping open and getting worn out. Did you know that Levi Strauss, jeans magnet, owns the patent on these things! In 1829, he thought of them when miners had been complaining of how easily their jeans wore out.

Pot Handle Holes. We doubt that you know the reason so many pot and pan handles have a hole unless you cook for a living. First of all, it makes them much easier to hang when they are not being used.

After you wash them, this is a great way to ensure that they dry without a problem. Chefs tend to use that hole to hold the stirring spoon, ladle, and other utensils. If you ask us, it sure sounds very convenient and hygienic.’

Double Keyboard Bumps. Have you noticed the small bumps on the F and J keys on your computer keyboard? We want you to guess why they installed them in those spots. Apparently, they did it to let people know where their hands are on the keyboard,

even if they do not look down! When typing, the right index finger should land on J and the left one on F. You can just feel around for the bumps instead of looking to check!

Blue Part On The Eraser. These erasers play an important role in our childhood memories! But why do they have three different colors? In the past, people said that the blue dots could wipe off the ink from the pen, but this was just a rumor.

The fact is that this drill is designed for strong and thick paper. Artists find it helpful to use special paper instead of cut paper or notebook paper. We just solved the biggest mystery of your childhood!

Women’s Underwear Pocket. If you are a woman, you must be confused about the secret pockets that some manufacturers add to underwear. What did they want us to put there?

Panty gussets are what they call the excess fabric that they did not bother to stitch close. This way, you do not have to deal with bulky, extra seams!

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