Three women discovered they were dating the same man. What they did is Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

You just never know what strange circumstances will lead to your next great adventure. Three young women are embarking on an amazing tour of the western United States after making a startling discovery last December. All three of them were romantically involved with the same guy… and none of them knew about it.

Morgan Tabor is a 21-year-old who lives in Boise, Idaho. During vacation last year, she began to doubt the men she had dated on and off in recent years. They recently started dating exclusively, or so she thinks, but sexy text messages and social media posts put her on high alert.

“Almost all of the photos on this girl’s page showed her with this guy who I’d thought was my boyfriend,” she said.The other woman is Abi Roberts, 19, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Morgan texted Abi and found that Abi had always ignored her boyfriend’s duplicity. Digging further revealed the third girlfriend, Bekah King, 18, also from Boise.

All three women believed they were the only romantic partner in this man’s life! He’d discussed a future with each of them, telling them all about his dream of traveling across the country in a renovated VW Bus someday. Not only that, but they also soon found out they weren’t alone — he’d been dating six more women at the same time.

After confronting him, Abi, Bekah, and Morgan broke up with him and ended up bonding with each other over the deception. They quickly became friends via FaceTime and met in person last January for the first time. “We did a lot of trauma processing and memory sharing, and it was obvious that we were all really cool,

fun people who had a lot in common,” Abi said. “Right away, we became good friends.” From there, they made an incredible decision to take their power back in an unusual way. The three of them decided to hijack their ex’s dream and take a road trip together! So the trio pooled their money and purchased a 30-year-old school bus,

which they parked at Bekah’s parents’ house. They spent the next two and a half months renovating it to get it ready for their trip. “What this guy did to us doesn’t define our lives,” Morgan said. “We all feel really blessed that we found each other. We’re friends for life.”

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