Child Safety Principles Every Parent Needs to Know

“W-sitting” is one of the most common and comfortable sitting positions for many kids. However, this position may increase the risk of several health issues. It can cause serious orthopedic problems, delays in the development of postural control and stability, and motor skills.

The best and the most effective way to prevent your kids from W-sitting is to prevent it from becoming a habit. So, anticipate it and catch it before your child starts sitting in this position.

If you do see your little ones in “W” position, consistently encourage them to adjust to a different position, e.g. they can either sit with their legs straight out or both knees bent to one side. This will have a positive effect on your kids’ growth and development!

A baby should sleep on their back. Since 1992, when an official recommendation changed from “sleep on the stomach” to “sleep on the back,” the mortality rate from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the countries of Western Europe has decreased by 3 times.

Sleeping babies should not have scarves, clothes, tie hats, bibs, pacifiers or string toys. Lace upholstered blankets can block the baby’s airways during sleep.

All you need is a hard mattress and fitted stretch sheets. A can of Coke should be placed between the crib rails. This distance is optimal so that the baby will not be caught between the railings.

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