Sweet Dog Brings Carrot Snack To Horse

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing animals doing loving things for their friends. Take this dog and his best friend. Their mom opens her back door and her dog runs out holding a carrot and he makes a mad dash across the lawn and to the barn!

Where is he going with the vegetable? Why, he’s bringing it to his horse pal. Tina Levoir Jones shared the cute video of her friend who asked her dog to bring a carrot out to her horse. Watch closely…it’s adorable!

If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then there’s no wonder this horse is in love with this very good dog. While on a visit to her friend’s farm, Tina LeVoir-Jones captured video of what appears to be a regular routine between the horse and pup.

When it comes time to give the horse a snack, the bighearted dog handles the task herself. Carrying a carrot in her mouth, the dog happily races over to deliver it to her much larger friend. Wait a few seconds for the video below to load.

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