The rescued albino raccoon who has changed after being adopted by a kind woman

When the founder of a New Hope sanctuary, Maxine Baird, asked to shelter a saved raccoon, she gave her consent without hesitation. Though, she sheltered and raised more than 200 raccoons, Maxine had some worries about the tiny animal’s behavior!

She was told by the DNR worker, that the rescued raccoon is not kind, and it will be not easy with her, so she was asked to take care of her just a couple of day, until they found another shelter for her.

There was only one enclosure for raccoons at their sanctuary, which was already dwelled by another raccoon, so Maxine was worried how they can get along together. She decided to give her shelter only for some days.

But her anxiety vanished as soon as the albino raccoon arrived to the sanctuary. The poor creature was not aggressive, but confused, stressed and frightened.

Maxine learned that she used to live in horrible condition, she even had a bad injury in one of her feet. The next day, despite all the worries concerning the raccoon’s behavior, Maxine, anyway, entered into her enclosure.

But nothing terrible happened. Vice versa, the little, gentle creature came close to the kind woman and started to sniff her, then, she put her tiny hand in her hand, as if saying thank you to the woman, who was so kind to her.

From that moment on, they were inseparable. After raccoon’s fully recovery, Maxine allowed her to live in her house, so they could spend their full day together hugging, cuddling and kissing each other all the time.

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