How will the Man Transfer his animals across the river

Puzzles are fun. They may be a distraction for entertainment but did you know that such puzzles that require you to solve problems are also good for your cognitive health?

There is a man traveling with his 2 sheep and a wolf. The wolf would gladly attack the sheep if the man were to ever leave it alone with them. At some point,

the man reaches a river that he needs to cross. He finds a boat nearby but can only take one of his animals at a time. Remember that the wolf will eat the sheep if the man leaves them all alone.

Sometimes your brain needs some tuning and that is when these types of puzzles and riddles are a good way to keep your brain in optimum function. When you don’t use your brain, there is no stimulation of brain cells.

As a result, it can get weaker which isn’t good for you at all. When you start initially, it might seem tough but the benefits that you achieve will make such effort worth it,

Here are 9 puzzles that may require dome brain work, so see if you can solve it. The answers are after the nine image questions.

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