Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. Unbelievable Love Story

Little People Big World’s Amy Roloff is engaged to Chris Marek. From his career in real estate to his motorcycle hobby, he’s an interesting guy!

Amy Roloff from Little People Big World is engaged to her newest love interest and we are ready to share lots of fascinating facts about the reality star’s fiancé.


Over Amy’s decade-long career on television, fans watched her marriage to her ex-husband Matt Roloff fall apart. This led Amy to leave their Oregon farm. Amy has finally found a new significant other in Chris, and fans are very curious about him.

Chris was born on August 10, 1962, in Idaho. Chris is currently living in Portland, Oregon, and is anticipating his 59th birthday this summer. Chris is two years older than his fiancée Amy, who turns 57 in September.

Chris is an accomplished realtor who has been working as an agent for over 20 years. According to his Chris Marek LinkedIn page, he has worked at a real estate agency in Portland, Oregon since 2010. Before becoming a realtor,

Chris studied at Portland State University and Clackamas Community College. Although Chris is based in Portland, he sells properties all over the Oregon region, including Beaverton, Colton, and Aurora.

Chris is well-liked by his clients. He is rated as a 5-star realtor on his Zillow page. When the Little People, Big World star started dating Chris Marek,

she was already a mother of 4 and grandma to 2. She was blown away when he proposed to her after dating her for more than 3 years, and she said yes. At 52,

Amy never thought she’d find love again, but she did. Chris fell in love with a beautiful woman and he didn’t care about her height. The pair is expected to get married this year.

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