Sweetest moment caught on camera showed the 2-year-old little boy sneaking out of his bed to join his beloved friend dog to sleep with him

It is so touching to see a friendship between a little baby and a family’s pet. The four-legged companion, surely, can be a best friend and protective soul for his or her little human.

Paige knew that little dogs and babies get along with each other very well. The incredible friendship, which bound these two wonderful creatures, is just amazing!

So, when she found out, that she is pregnant, Paige went to the local shelter to adopt a little puppy. She liked very much a 2-year-old boxer, named Brutus. Though he was so huge, he had a gentle, kind soul.

When her little boy was born, the family’s joy and care were doubled. Brutus just fell in love with the little miracle Finn, and since that day they became inseparable.

Brutus was all the time next to Finn, wherever he went, whatever he did. Toddler’s eating time, Brutus is there, baby’s sleeping time, the dog is there.

Brutus just is looking at his little friend to follow him everywhere. If Finn is ill, Brutus is again in his side. He is really a good friend, who is ready to comfort him in difficult times.

Their special relationship is very heart-melting. When Finn became 2 years old, his parents found it’s already time for them to sleep separately, everyone should occupy his bed.

So, Brutus had to nap on the floor, next to his best friend. But, one day, Paige surprisingly saw on their home camera footage a funny scene. The heartwarming footage showed how in the middle of the night their lovely son sneaking out of his comfy bed,

took his blanket and laid next to his friend’s dog. They both used to sleep always together, and it didn’t matter whether on the floor or on the bed. Such caring and faithful friends are they.

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