Secrets About Popular Beauty Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

1. Use some Scotch tape when applying eyeliner and shadows. You should place some tape on your hand first so that you could avoid irritation and take off the tape more easily.

And, it was a great piece of advice. With the Scotch tape trick, you applied the eyeshadows quickly and achieved a sharp edge. I think it’ll get better with practice. Result: you can recommend this method!

2. You can turn an eye pencil into a liquid eyeliner if you hold it over a flame. Forget about precise and thin lines with this method! The pencil I used melted really quickly, and the lines it drew got thicker. Totally not worth it, from my point of view.

3. Use a couple of bobby pins to make your ponytail look better. It’s definitely not worth it. Whether up or down, those hairpins make my head sore, and I can’t stop thinking about them. Who on earth came up with this technique?

4. 1. Shave downward, then upward. It’ll prevent razor bumps and burns. Shave after showering to minimize skin irritation.The steam opens up your pores so you can shave easily.

And the last one use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream if you have run out.

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