How to Choose Tasty Food in the Supermarket: A Guide We All Need

A sweet watermelon has a brown stem, and you will find fresh chicken by checking its packaging date. Even if you think your shopping bag is full of fresh products,

you may not use all your senses to choose the best. Touching the correct part of the melon or checking the negative shape of the pepper can change the flavor of our dishes. 1. Chicken:


We need to check the different colors of the cut. If it has skin, it should be paler than the flesh. If the skin of the chicken is yellow or light brown, leave it on the shelf.

The flesh must be firm, white to light brown, moist, and without blood. Be attentive to the edges as well. If they look dry, don’t pick it.
Don’t check the expiration date, check the packaging date instead. If it’s been in the container for more than 2 days, leave it in the supermarket.

2. Fish:

3. Is banana.

Check the stem of the bunch. Pick the bunch with green to light yellow stems. If the stem is turning brown and the bananas have a lot of black spots, it’s a clear sign that the bunch is too mature.

Bananas last longer if they’re kept in clusters instead of separately. Don’t pick an isolated banana unless you’re going to eat it right away.

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