Refused by his owner lion can’t nap without a blanket how he used to do when he was a baby

Meet Lambert, a beautiful lion, whose owner refused to take care of him anymore. Lambert is an African lion, who was kept at his owner’s home as a pet!

The family bought him illegally, but they refused to have him at their home one day, and he was given to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

So, recently, the founder of Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue, Vicky, was asked by GFAS to take the refused animal. She was told that Lambert’s owner bought illegally the little cub after his children watched the famous movie “The Lion King”.

Impressed by the movie, the kids wanted to have a baby lion, like Simba, so their daddy purchased one immediately for them. Unfortunately, after three months of care at home as a pet, they changed their mind to continue to keep him and, so he appeared at the rescue center.

Vicky also was told, that the former pet used to sleep in the bed with a blanket. So, Vicky decided to provide comfortable sleep conveniences for the lion cub to not be stressed.

She entered into his enclosure and put a blanket on the floor in the corner. Lambert immediately wrapped on that blanket, as he was waiting exactly for this warm and soft piece of cloth to nap.

From that day on, Vicky always gives a blanket to Lambert for his sweet nap. Even now, when he is already 2 years old, he again sleeps with a blanket. He still lives with Vicky, as he couldn’t be released to the wildlife because he is too domestic to be able to live there.

Enjoy the life you can run and live in the city center in the large playground and 7,000 square foot study area. Lambert is very naughty, active and full of energy. He not only likes his comfortable blanket but also likes to hug.

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