Mother bear decided to introduce her little cubs to her human friend who has been kind to her 

Not only human beings, but animals of wildlife, as well, are able to show their gratitude in their own, original way. This black mother bear found an extraordinary way to express her respect and warm feelings to the man, who was so kind to her!

To meet black bears in North Carolina is very common. So, when Patrick Conley, an habitant of Asheville, noticed a huge bear wandering in the surroundings of his backyard, he didn’t surprise.

The black bear started to pay visits to his property constantly, but suddenly, she interrupted her visitations. Patrick didn’t know why his furry friend, Simon, has disappeared.

One day, he was pleasantly surprised, when he again spotted the bear. His heart was filled with joy at what he saw. Simon, this time, was not alone, two little baby bears followed her mother.

In this way, mommy bear wanted to show her gratitude to her human friend, as he has always been kind to her. For Patrick, who is an animal lover, this was a very touching moment.

Fortunately, he could catch this exceptional moment on camera. Patrick, let the mother bear and her babies feel free on his property. He didn’t want to interrupt their visit in any way.

The bear family approached the porch of the house, started to sniff all around, then returned calmly back to the woods. So, the pleasant visit lasted only a few minutes, but the impression stamped in Patrick’s heart forever.

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