Artistic Cyclist Leaves Everyone Speechless With Gravity-Defying Routine.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but after watching German cyclist Viola Brand perform, we’re not so sure! Suddenly it seems a lot harder than we remember.

Viola is a world-renowned athlete who specializes in artistic cycling. Over the years, he has been honing his skills, winning two national and European championships respectively, and three silver medals in the world championships!

She hopes that one day the Olympic Games will increase this sport so that she can also participate in competitions! At the Unibike Expo 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey, Viola showed her talent to a group of people who didn’t know what attack would happen.

She starts off simply pedaling in a wide circle before transitioning to far more complicated tricks. First, she stands on the handlebars with her arms extended, balancing perfectly as the bike continues on its circuit.

Next, she rides the bike backwards and turns it into a unicycle, and she just keeps going from there. In short, she’s amazing, and we are in awe of her skills!

Viola said it took her seven years to learn how to do a handstand on the handlebar, which is her favorite stunt! Watch her wow the crowd in the video below, and don’t forget to share this impressive story.

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