Can you spot the puppy in the crowd of dogs?

Can you recognize a puppy among a group of dogs? To celebrate National Dog Day (Monday, August 26), Natures Menu has launched a new puzzle: it’s harder than you think!

According to research by the dog food company, it takes Britons an average of 21.2 seconds to find the brown puppies huddled together in the dog group. But how long will it take to see this puppy?

“We wanted to celebrate National Dog Day with a bit of fun, by challenging dog-lovers with a puzzling mind-muddler,” Craig Taylor, managing director at Natures Menu explains.”The current recordset is an impressive 15 seconds, which may take some beating – are you up to the task?

Our only tip when completing the puzzle is to not get distracted by any furry friends you may have at home!”Answer: the small puppy is in the top right hand corner. See the revealing image below…

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