Toddler’s Inner Rock Star Bursts Out When Dad Plays Bon Jovi On Guitar. Click below to see this little rock star in training.

Oh, the world of possibilities and opportunities is endless for children. They’re literally a blank canvas and can be whatever they want to be. Kids usually develop a taste for what they like and dislike, and they tend to make up their minds as to what they want to be very early on (superheroes? princesses? ballerinas?).

The best part of this is that your imagination is vast and strong. They are creative, even as adults, they should always be in this way. I told you you knew the famous painter and Pablo Picasso!!!

“All children are an artist, the problem is how to leave the artist if we grow up.” As I was witnessed here, Sydney on August 444 expresses and surprised with the response of the world, I am not afraid of showing talent. She has created the potential of front power!

In this video, it’s her stage presence to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” that gives her artistic credit. Mom is recording; dad is playing the acoustic guitar and Sydney starts to rock out in the sweetest way possible.

Even before dad gets into it, Sydney is already perfecting her micro-head bang, lifting her arm up and moving her body up and down. She motions to dad to get a move on as he gets into the song. This is the magic moment where Sydney’s facial expression turns from “Ok dad, let’s go!” to sheer and utter joy.

She starts to squeal with delight, hitting some high notes, and doing a little dance that is just so cute – all while she’s staring right into the camera like she’s done this before in another life!

Sydney is all smiles and moves her arms with the music. She very obviously wouldn’t know the words, but her attempt to express herself alongside dad, and to the 80s classic, is priceless.

Near the end, even though dad is done playing, Sydney isn’t. She goes to pluck the strings herself, still wanting to perform and get in a little more headbanging and dancing.

Click below to see this little rock star in training.

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