Thoughtful Man Offers His Phone To Kid Staring At Him In The Subway

Being nice to children is a special kind of kindness. Who wouldn’t love to witness little children’s big smiles, right? Kia Tatiyana Davis is one of the thousands of passengers who use the busy NYC subway which is ranked 7th in the world for annual ridership, transporting over 1.7 billion riders each year!!!

While riding the train, Kia was fortunate to witness a wonderful encounter, a man and a man forged an incredible friendship because of a mobile phone. A boy is sitting between his mother and a man who is looking at the phone. He was polite and tried his best not to disturb the person, but his curiosity prevailed because the person was said to be playing video games on his mobile phone.

Every once and a while, the kid would look at the phone to see what’s going on. The man had his earphones on so he didn’t notice the boy at first. Eventually, the man noticed the boy looking at his phone screen, and interestingly, both of them shared a smile when their eyes met. Because the man noticed the great enthusiasm of the little boy for the phone,

he unplugged his earphones and gave the phone to the boy, and as soon as he took the phone, the boy continued the game. Judging by his actions, the man clearly spends time with children because he recognized what the boy wanted right away, but we don’t need to be working closely with children to have a kind heart for them.

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